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You are not going to like my answer. To reconnect all of the wires correctly, you will need to trace them to their origination and destination to identify what circuit they are part of AND then reconnect them. To do this you need the 2007 Tundra EWD. For example, attached is one circuit diagram showing multiple wires of the same color (look at the airbag ECU). If you don't know the end to end points of your severed wires, you will be hard pressed to identify which ones to reconnect together.
:eek: :eek:
I'd have to agree with TS Support. Your going to have to trace each wire that was damaged back to its source, and then find out where the other end is supposed to go. You will need the entire EWD in order to do this.
Start with the SYSTEMS that appear NOT to be working and go from there. Your going to need a DVOM.

Dont you like the new GM style wiring???:mad: All the wires are either white/ black or light blue and hard as HECK to trace. Stupid americanization. Its cheaper to produce all the same color wiring. It stinks!

Sorry there is no easy way to repair this.

That is also the entire harness, there are no SUB harnesses available.$$$$$$
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