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This question is about emission issues with smart-key, bluetooth and satellite capability (that come with JBL), or any other Camry component that may emit harmful radiation ?

Toyota has posted cautionary note with smartkey about its emitting electrical signals that can affect pacemakers. Are there other devices - eg bluetooth, car alarm, etc that have can harmful effects on people via their electrical or wireless radiation?

I get headaches from cellphones (at times) so I'll like to not get such options. Unfortunately, navigation comes with smart-key so I'll have to get after-market NAV. Disabling smart key may not work as mentioned by one toyota service guy. There are several internal smark-antennas to detect where the smart key is (inside car, out side car, etc) so I'm not sure they get disabled completely. But why would I get 6 wireless antennas in my car just to disable them and hope they don't emit anything afterwards. NAV is nice and big and clear but I am leaning towards skipping NAV as it comes bundled with smartkey - factory order takes times and I prefer not to wait that long.

I was also thinking of skipping JBL package as bluetooth comes with it. I don't intent to pair a phone with Camry's bluetooth but even then there maybe some harmful radiation coming from it - anyway to switch bluetooth system off. How much to worry about bluetooth - it seems bluetooth range is lower so its emission power is lower but it maybe constantly emitting.

JBL comes with satellite radio capability - can it emit harmful radiation without actually having installed XM/Sirus receiver ? What if I do install these receivers ?

Is there any other Camry component to worry about ?
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