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Engine shuts off - need advice 03 Tundra

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Can anyone help with advice on this?

2003 Toyota Tundra shuts off or stalls in drive/reverse gears when at a stop only. Will go with fast acceleration.
-No signs of transmission issue prior
-only code is catalytic converter below threshold
-Replaced throttle body after problem. No luck.
-Replaced air filter 30k miles back
-replaced spark plugs 20k miles back

Could this be the fuel pump or related part?

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Isnt catalytic below threshold usually related to 02 sensors? Post what the actual code is on here and you might get some offering suggestions.
Maybe start with the code you know you have first. A quick search on here says you need new 02 sensors and stick with only Denso, never Bosch. If it were me I would replace those and see if that takes care of it. Here's one:

If you replace the sensors and still have problems then read this one. Not saying you have the same issue as symptoms are different but the point is this guy had damaged wires due to mice so you might have a similar problem. And shorted wires can cause all kinds of weird issues.

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