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Engine Swap 2000 into 2006

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I currently drive a 2000 Tundra SR5 Access Cab with the 4.7L engine. Its had 185K on the clock and it's my baby and has never let me down in the 18 years I've driven her. However her frame is rusting out and my mechanic (brother in law) says he probably won't be able to pass it come the next inspection which is close to the end of 2020. He normally doesn't do engine swaps because of unforeseen issues that pop up in what is supposedly a seamless build. I found a 2006 Double Cap that has the 4.7L in it but the engine is shot. I want to transplant the engine from my 2000 Access cab into the 2006 Double Cab and both vehicles have the 4.7L in them though 2000 4.7 isn't an i-Force while the 2006 is.

Is it possible to do this swap without any modifications?
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I think Toyota went with VVT-i engines in 2005 so I would wonder if your engine would work as a straight swap or would the computer get thrown off by it?
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