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extremely disappointed

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My wife ordered a pair of smoke fog lights for my tundra for our anniversary this past weekend. I've also ordered and installed the exact same kit for my father-in-law's 08 dc tundra. I opened the package today and what I saw was not what I saw online.
The lights, seen here Toyota Tundra Fog Lights 07-09 Smoke - Fog Light - Lighting
should have come with driver/passenger light, switch, wiring harness for the switch with power/ground connection, relay, and a wiring harness that plugs into both lights and goes through the firewall and plugs into the switch. I got everything except the big harness for the lights. According to the instructions this is a new plug and play kit. It works off the oem wiring harness so you don't have to go through the firewall. As I'm attempting to splice into one of the wires described in the instructions I see that I do not have that particular wire. So after double checking, then triple checking, I move to the front of the truck and remove the access panel behind the lights to find that I do not have an oem fog light harnesses. My father-in-law has a base 08 dc. I have a base 08 crew max. He had the oem harness but I don't. So I called turbo metal to see what's up. I had to explain to the rep 5 times that my truck is not equipped with a factory fog harness and the kit they sent me does not come with a harness for the lights. After being on hold for 10 mins, he says, "well, is it possible for you to find the harness on your own?" Um, NO! I explained that my wife just spent $275 for these lights, the picture on the website shows the harness, I got the complete kit back in November when I ordered my father-in-law's kit and I'm not going to search for the harness and pay for it on my own. He then says, "well, what if we can find it, or maybe get a hold of the supplier and offer it to you at a discounted price?" Um, NO! Why would I pay $275 for what is supposed to be a complete kit and then agree to buy an extra piece that should have come with it? I said you guys can find it, buy it, and then send it to me. So he says, "well, if you want, you can give me a day or two to try and find one and we'll send it to you, or you can return the lights." I said are you going to pay for return shipping? They agreed to pay for return shipping, however, it will take about 10 more days to get my refund. I'm extremely disappointed because I've been wanting these lights for quite some time. I've also been looking at the halo projectors, also sold on that sight, but after not getting what I paid for and then them suggesting that I search and buy a much needed part I won't be doing business with them again. I find it pretty crappy for them to suggest I do that. Just like my stealership suggesting that I move my seat a few clicks closer to the steering wheel to "get better control" over the crappy shimmed pedal. I would've waited for the harness, but that really ticked me off. The lights are going back tomorrow and I'll just have to wait a little while longer. The good news is that money is already spent, when I get my refund I'll order my billet grille and custom emblem. Sure hope that mod turns out better.
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Good Luck! Sorry to hear the not-so-good news, but hopefully it all works out for you.....
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