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Price is $300 for the Tonneau cover, $50 for the toolbox if you want them separately.

Great tonneau cover, exceptionally weather-proof, but 4 years of use. If you need the protection at a cheaper cost than $800 for the cover and $250 for the toolbox, this might be a great deal.

I used this tonneau cover to protect everything from camping gear, outdoor gear, fishing gear, suitcases, luggage, and groceries from the elements, and loved it. Getting rid of it because I sold my Platinum Tundra CrewMax (only comes in the short bed, so if you have a CrewMax, this will fit perfectly).

The toolbox is small, and is only accessible by folding the tonneau cover back, but that only takes a couple seconds and your items in the toolbox are kept dry. My pictures show the amount of toolboxes and equipment you can store - not quite as much as the large toolboxes that protrude above your truck bed, but enough to hold your essentials and keep them from sliding around the back. Holds a lot of weight, too.

Listing for only $350 because it has been used for a few years - the bolt on the passenger side was stripped, which I replaced with some rubber matting to make it water tight, making it just as functional as the OEM, but it doesn't aesthetically match OEM. The color of the color still looks great (I had a black Tundra and it looked amazing), and the rubber edges are still in prime condition, keeping rain out of your bed.

I bought the tonnneau cover in 2012 from this page on Amazon, so you can read up on features there:

The toolbox was purchased in 2013 from here:


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