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Ok so i've seen several of you guys putting driving/fog lights behind your billet grilles. Well I ordered the factory Toyota billet grille overlay but didn't realize it wasn't like the Carriage Works grill where you cut out the center section of the stock grille shell. Well I modified my overlay to be like the carriage works grille so that I can locate my fog lights behind the grille.

I started out just like the Carriage Works installation (Thanks to online Carriage Works installation PDf) and removed the center portion of the stock grille shell. Laid the billet grille over the shell and using some angle brackets that I had bought installed the grille.

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For the hood latch I used some more angle brackets and installed it onto the lower remaining plastic shell in approximately the same location. I just rotated the mounting bracket over referencing the horizontal location on the factory shell. The plastic shell flexes some but is fine for now until I have to modify it again to install the fog lights.

Hardwood Metal Steel Wood Grille Automotive exterior Bumper Radiator Vehicle

I still have some clean up and painting to do but looks pretty good and plenty of clearance for fog lights.

Top - .75"L x .75"L x .5W
Bottom - 1.5"L x 1.5"L x .5"W
Hood Release - 1"L x 1"L x .5"W
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