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-OEM Toyota front rotors.

-OEM Toyota front brake pads.

-OEM Toyota Serpentine Belt.

-Rear brake drum adjustment.

-4 new Hankook Ventus ST tires 265/50/20 Balanced and mounted.

-Free balancing, mounting, and tire repair for the life of the tires.

-Front end alignment.

Full cost for parts and labor $1,385.00 (SEEM FAIR?)

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The tires alone are about $800+ and the OEM parts command a premium as well, sounds about right to me. Scott

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hi, not bad at all.

rotate those tires every 3000, when you do a oil change.
so if that place does oil changes, which i'm sure they do,
have them do: tires rotation's each oil change.
that's a saving of 20, for each tire rotation.
thats going to add up as time goes on.
they might tell you every 5000.
i heard that when places sell you this package.

make sure the air is checked at the least once or twice a month.
i have had alot of luck with these tires. they don't drop air pressure fast.
nor did i ever get a flat, on my 1st set, unlike the bfgoodrich g-force radial T/A's.

if you had that side to side shake, rutting, tracking, etc. or whatever people want to call it,
it will be GONE! try the spot's that is used to do it, you will see, it will not do it anymore. :)
just in that, the tires are well with the money.
more importantly you are now much safer.

you are going to hopefully love these tires. they are directional tires.
6ply X 2ply.
A in temp, & A in handling.
look on the side wall for all the boxes & symbol's.
it cover's almost everything.

as far as all the work with you using OEM parts.
you did very good.

if you wanted, when you have time, you can call the dealership parts dept.
and ask them how much each part costs.
of course you will be paying close to list.
but you will see for yourself, how good you did.

bottom line, is now you have a safer tundra.
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