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Link to Lighting & Electronics FAQ

The purpose of this FAQ is to help Toyota Tundra and Sequoia owners by providing the answers for the most common asked lighting and electronics systems questions. While every attempt has been made to provide accurate and dependable information, mistakes are inevitable. Not all questions have a simple straightforward answer, and in some cases the answer will obviously be an opinion. What works for some people may not be the right thing for you. Use this information at your own risk.

Notice: The compilation of information titled the Lighting & Electronics FAQ is the property of the author. As a Supporter you are allowed to access, view and print the information contained within the FAQ for your own personal use.

The FAQ, excerpts from the FAQ, and the URL's of the webpages that comprise the FAQ may not be distributed via email, usenet posting, BBS, online service, web forum, or hard copy without the express permission of the author.

Last Updated - 11/25/2002

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