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A few weeks ago a picked up a white 08 double cab Tundra and within the next 2 weeks will be installing the cosmetic and performance upgrades I have picked out.

The nerf and bull bars are going on this Friday. The new wheels and tires went on today. The LED interior lighting is being done on Wednesday and the intake, dual exhaust and bed liner are going on at the dealer Thursday.

I am still up in the air about the fender flares, tint, hood and window visors. The one in particular I cant even seem to find is a slim style black fender flare that will fit my truck. Does anyone have something like this installed or a good place to order parts like this? I think it will look good but would love to see it in person first. More or less I am going for all a white, black and metal look. The weels are 20*9 black and polished aluminum.

The only fender flares that I have seen and like do not have a variant for my truck (that I could find) :

Fender Flares

I looked at the ones that cover the arches completely and the massive ones with bolts and just don't like either of them on this particular truck.

I will get some pics up once most of the work is done.
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