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The hood I have is the VIS Racing Outlaw "Type 1" Fiberglass Hood. It is an absolutely great hood and I would buy it in a heartbeat. It offers the beefy and intimidating look of a ram air hood and it's super light compared to the stock hood.

The fit is amazing and damn near dead on! It's sturdy and I haven't had a single problem with it. I've had mine for about 9 months now and I get more compliments about the hood than anything else.

I looked for a nice fiberglass hood for over a year. All I could find was the wimpy looking glassworks one and some fake plastic scoops. When I came across the VIS hood, I could only find one pic. That pic is the same one they use on their site.

So, when someone asks about it online, I post a ton of pics for them to see. Every angle is shown and any question asked I answer. So if you need more info or pics, let me know! :D

First installed (Old Pics)

Painted (Newer Pics)

I have the only Outlaw 1 on the west coast and a guy from SoCal Tundras has the only Outlaw 2 on the west coast. Here's some pics of the hoods side by side at a recent Tundra meet. Pay no attention to the girl. ;)


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Sorry guys, I've been extremely busy! But nonetheless, I'm here to respond!

That looks incredible!! I think I would have considered leaving it unpainted....very interesting look as well.
Thanks! I actually considered leaving it black. However, it was fading and looked like crap before I painted it. I decided to color match it to make it look a little factory like. ;)

nokz great job man white hood was a good choice it almost look like it came from factory....did you get the paint from toyota or you had a pro paint it for ya???
Thanks! I got the paint from a regular automotive paint supply shop. Toyota Natural White is paint code 056, so it wasn't hard to get. Materials cost about $150.

hey noks , that looks awesome love it and love the black one !! u had no problems when doin the fitment ? and u have any more pics of that flat black one ? my best friend own a body shop along with his dad and he gave me a heads up on fitment and just in fiberglass hoods in general , saying that the suck in fitment and aline-ment and it kinda sucks ordering off line since i can see the quality and all . . . but yeaa yours and that otha tundy look great !!!
The fitment on mine was perfect. There's a little space between the fenders and hood, but it's not noticeable unless you compare it to a stock hood or stare at it for a long time. Here's some pics....

Fitment around headlights...

Since I've painted it, it blends in perfectly and nobody has been able to tell without having me mention it.

where all the pics go tho ?
What happened to the pics? I want to see the Outlaw type 2 on a tundra
They're back up now. :p

Im actually digging that Outlaw II hood...
It looks good in person and is the exact same quality and fit. :D

I love that Outlaw hood! Do you have any pictures of the underside? I'd like to see if there is a built in scoop tunnel that goes to the airbox? If there isn't one, did you fab one up to run to the CAI?
Ask and you shall receive! However, there is no air tunnel to the CAI. I've been thinking of fabricating one. The piece in the middle comes off. You can put that on during the rain season to keep out water. I leave mine off all the time. Hasn't hurt anything. :p

Hope that helps!
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