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Finally back from the body shop!

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I'm glad to be back! :D

After 7 weeks and $9900 dollars of my insurance companies money, everything seems back to normal. As with any accident repair, I found one or two things that the shop is fixing for me, but all in all, it looks great! The whole passenger side on my truck was repainted. They had over looked the reapplication of two thin pin stripes. This initially bummed me out, but then thought the truck looked alot better without them. I got out the wife's hair dryer and about 20 minutes later had the other side de-pin striped and waxed to a perfect shine. There is only a slight ghost line that is only seen when looking for it.

On the passenger side, I now have new upper and lower control arms, new shock and steering knuckle. The truck has had a 4 wheel alignment and drives good as new. They verified that the frame hadn't been bent. The suspension sucked up most of the impact.

I also have new front and rear bumpers. Hell of a way to get some new chrome! :rolleyes:

Two weeks ago I ordered a set of Mickey Thompson Classic IIs and BFG AT 305/70r16s. They should be here this week. :cool:

All in all, the truck is paid off and fixed better than I expected. Superior Auto Body did a great job! They worked with the suspension and body lifts and got it all back in shape! While in the shop I did test drive a new Tundra. I had to get out quick - I almost had that car payment again! :eek:
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