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Well I did it and I can't be any happier. Went with front 5100's set at .65" of lift up front. It gave me exactly what I was looking for. Now my Sequoia's rear is .5" higher than the front.

My intent was to go for a near stock look and to get rid of that factory 1"ish rear rake.

This set up does minimal change to the CV joints...extremely minimal.

The KO2 tires are amazing guys...hardly any noticeable extra road noise...and zero rubbing. Tire size is 275 70R17. All-in-all the truck sits about 2.5inches taller than stock. I just wish they came from the factory like this.

If you are looking for a modest level and some beefier tires...I highly recommend this setup. Everything other than mentioned above, I've left completely stock. No wheel spacers needed.

I just got my 5100s in the mail and I'm torn as to what setting I should go with as there are some on here (like yourself) that went with the .65, but others have gone with the 1.3 setting to get "level". I'm wondering since they will settle, that going with the 1.3 or middle setting is the best. I might need to make a thread for this, because I wonder if there is anyone who has tried both settings. BTW, I have an 06 SR5 with 83k that is your twin. Love the tires, but with three kids I went with a little less aggressive AT tires (Kuhmo AT51) but seeing yours makes me envious. Nice setup!
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