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I have a 2004 Tundra DC 4x4 and have not been satisfied with the braking system since new. I'm going to be trailering my Scion TC in June so I began the quest to fix the braking system.

I looked into the big brake upgrade offered by Stop Tech (TRD) but the price was way too high. I ended up buying Axxis extreme brake pads, Power slot cryo slotted rotors, and Stop tech steel braided front brake lines. I installed them with no improvement.

So, I looked on this forum as well as others and did the following.

1. Bled the brake fluid in the following order: LR, RR, Proportioning valve, RF, LF,Proportioning valve.
2. Adjusted the Proportioning valve to add more bias to the front brakes.
3. adjusted the rear brakes to the point of light drag.

Now the brakes work awesome , I can lock up all four tires (then ABS kicks in) on dry pavement.

My theory is that the front brakes require a much greater amount of fluid and pressure and the rear beakes require very little since the rear brakes are a single wheel cylinder (on each side) and the front brake calipers are four piston and do most of the stopping work. So I biased the proportioning valve all the way to the bottom of the adjustment to bias more fluid and pressure to the front brakes. This forces most of the fluid to the front and little to the rear (unless there is weight added to the rear then the valve will adjust) which requires the rear brakes to be correctly adjusted.

Hope this helps.

Gary Andria
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