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I bought my 2013 CrewMax Platinum 4WD in April 2013 and just sold it this week. MSRP was a bit over $53K, I believe I paid around $45K new. The truck ran great for 140,000 miles. Oil changes, brakes, normal maintenance. The only "major" things were a frozen front caliper at 120,000, a bad alternator at 137,000 miles, and the replacement of all 4 door lock actuators from around 75,000 to 110,000 miles. It was a great truck. Drank gas like a pig. Towed great - can‘t count the number of times I hauled all kinds of crap from every kind of store. Sold my Tundra for $23,500. great return on my money.

When I shopped for a new truck - I tried to talk myself into another Tundra - but couldn’t do it. The brand new 2020s were just like my truck. Tried the TRD Pro - just didn’t do it for me. Ended up with a new F150. Love the technology, the gas mileage, the ride. I’ll never speak bad of my Tundra - it was so reliable - such a great truck - but it was time to move on from a truck that was essentially designed in 2007.

it looked as good the day I sold it as the day I bought it - maybe even a bit better. Anyway - goodbye old friend.

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