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First Look - JBA Long Tube Headers for 07-13 Toyota Tundra

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By now, many of you have seen some of the pictures provided by JBA Performance and Us.

As an authorized JBA distributor, we were invited over to JBA headquarters for an exclusive First Look at the much anticipated Tundra Long Tube Headers.

Here are just a few pics form our visit to JBA Performance last Thursday;

We also took a lot of video for forum members. You can see it on YouTube here
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Oh man, I'd love to hear how those sound on true dual pipes.. How much do you figure they will cost for a set?
Pricing on the stainless is under 600, and under 750 on the coated headers. They are now available for purchase.

JBA 6012S – Raw 409 Stainless Steel
JBA 6012SJS – Ceramic Coated
JBA 6012SJT – Titanium Ceramic Coated

Header specs:

3/8″ thick laser-cut flanges
Patented JBA Firecone® merge collector
1-3/4″ Mandrel-bent CNC Stainless Steel primary tubes
3” Collector w/ V-band connections – 2.5” or 3” reducers for race applications
Premium quality hardware included
Optional ceramic coating (thermal barrier)
360 degree Tig & Mig welds
Oversized exhaust ports
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Dyno results?
+1 for the dyno results. And what exhaust you ran for the test. Also, what about being able to run the cats with it?
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