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Well I am happy to report that the Michelin LTX M/S tires are a vast improvement over the stock P rated tires when towing the fiver.
I inflated the tires to 60 psi and inflated my Air Lift bags to 20 psi.
The truck handled the load much better than with the stock tires and we are pleased with the ride.

After we parked the trailer at our campsite (up near Oakhurst, CA) we were scheduled to drive 90 miles to attend a wedding.
60 psi in the tires and the air bags inflated made for a very bumpy ride.
The truck also seemed a bit loose in the corners.

When we got home from our trip and put the trailer away I reduced the pressure back to 50 psi and deflated to bags to 8psi.
Much better ride.

I have been through two tanks of gas on flat land now and it looks like my mpg has decreased by 1 mpg.
I was warned that these tires are much heavier and that this might happen.

Michelin warrantys this tire for 70,000 miles. Lets hope they do that well.
I cannot afford to spen $1,100 every 35,000 miles.

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