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When I'm not taking my truck offroad two or three times a year upstate or out west, I live and drive in New York City, whose roads are worse than some of the worst washboard roads I know of anywhere. They suck.

I used to drive a truck for a living in the city and the ball joint replacements, ruined brakes and destroyed front ends were just taken for granted; you expected them.

With my 05 Taco, though, I try to be careful. I went through a terrible hole the other day and, while everything seemed solid enough afterwards, it seemed like there was a new rattle up front. Could have been there already, but I now noticed it.

When I got out, I started inspecting and it seemed like the noise was coming from where the left headlight meets the grill - or where the fender meets the headlight - or all of them together. I was struck by how flimsily those parts are all joined together. I was thinking of trying to somehow strengthen them or at least dampen them with some rubber, but am not sure. Maybe I should take it to the dealer and tell them it's all kind of loose, but I don't know if there's a lot structurally wrong.

Could it be that I have to accept some rattle as a normal consequence of aging, at only 30k miles?

Anyone else run into this?
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