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Fj Questions

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Questions about the FJ:
1. Does the TRD version have a stick and 2, 4H and 4L, or is the stick all wheel drive as well?
2. If I bought a regular 6 speed version and added rock sliders and the TRD exhaust, am I missing anything performance wise from a TRD?
3. Would you recommend getting a deposit in on an '08 TRD now, or, just make my own?
4. I am probably deploying overseas again in the next few months, so waiting is really no big deal.
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All 6 speeds come with fulltime AWD. Also if its anything like other TRD models, it may have Billstein shocks and maybe different springs, probably some offroad tires too. I have yet to see a TRD edition so don't quote me on anything.
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