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Follow up alignment

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So I take the truck back in today, different shop but same company. The first thing I ask is if the printer for the alignment machine is working and if I could get a copy at the end. Yes it's working and we'd be glad to give you a copy. Great. Then I show him the printout from the other shop and say, I have been told from a reliable source that this alignment is off. It not only pulls(slightly), but from these numbers it is not correct. I explain that the other shop worked on it twice to no prevail, and now I'd like them to align it for free under the companies warranty(not what he wanted to hear). He looks at the paper and responds, everything looks fine to me, and tries to explain the numbers to me(trying to lose me with fancy terms and wacky reasoning). I'll have a look though, off he goes for a test drive, then in the shop it goes, attaches the machine, and 30 minutes later all finished.

Sir, there is nothing wrong with this alignment. It drove perfectly on the test drive, the prinout you have is perfect, and my machine says it's straight. Really, well can I have a prinout from your machine so I can compare it and have someone else verify this. Well sir our printer is broken so I can't get that for you. After telling him that just 30 minutes ago he said there would be no problem giving me one he says, well grease tends to get into our machines and booger things up so although it was working earlier it now no longer works. Then it is explained to me that all vehicles slightly pull to the right, it's the law. They pull to the right to prevent head on collisions, if a driver were to fall asleep at the wheel the car would eventually pull to the right pulling the vehicle off the road. WOW, that was a first for me. I said well thanks for the info and left.

I'm gonna try the dealer next. They seem willing to do it although they aren't to sure how(lifted vehicles). They also seem to want to learn more about their new machine(hopefully not at my expense, re-thinking it).

Meanwhile the right front(obviously) tire has worn off all the little nubbies that are on a new tire all on the outside edge. The inside still has the nubbies. The left tire has got both in and outside nubbies. I need to remedy this quick.
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This isnt really going to help you...but you can view the measurements after everything has been done and the truck is in the parking lot. As long as he saved the Work Order in the computer.

But again that doesnt help you. I can't believe your getting this kind of run around.

Not much we else we can do to help. If the dealerships machine is new then it will be calibrated. You could suggest they use it as a training opportunity and have the Hunter guy there to train them on YOUR truck. I've had him come in on difficult jobs before and used the excuse of training.
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