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Fond Farewell

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I just wanted to post a fond farewell to all of the members here on TS. In case you have not known, I have since sold my Tundra DC and reluctantly gotten a new car that can tow AND hold the family (party of 6). It saddend me not to purchase another Toyota but we are happy w/ our new Nissan Armada...yes a Nissan. :cry:
I have appreciated the help, comments, suggestions, criticisms, and discussions that I have been involved in on this site. I truely learned a lot about the toyotas and especially the Tundra from all of you folks. I hope that I was able to help other people out by "paying it forward." My knowledge truely came from info learned on this site.
I may stop by from time to time to see pics posted of the newly modded 07 tundras since I have just renewd my membership for another year.

If anyone ever has any questions about my previous trucks please do not hesitate to ask. I will keep my pics up until my subscription cancels out next March.

I wish you all the best with your trucks, and drive safely.

Cheers!! :tu:

Lexus Luthor
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Lexus--- Armada is a beautiful SUV...No shame in a Nissan, I owned 2 of 'em a Maxima and a Pathfinder and both were excellent....

Take it easy...

:cry: it's a sad day when we lose a member. I have read some of you post and found them to be very useful. best of luck with your family and nissan, I know they make a great product never really drove one other then test driving there truck but have always heard good things about them. :ts:
should have waited for the new sequoia :cool: but if your happy then enjoy ... but i am sure you will be back :devil:

Sorry to hear about your Armada purchase over the Sequoia. You should have waited for the 5.7 2008 Sequioa. :D
Like General said "I WILL BE BACK"!! Sorry my Dad was a WWII Buff! More sorry to hear of loss but least it was a smart purchase as far as we know!!:eek:
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