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Fro the love of god!! dont use orange wire

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For the love of god!! dont use orange wire

well i had my radio installed over a year ago and have had a humming.. i took it to a local stereo shop and the said i had an unwanted ground. That was only the beginning... it started by poping the 10amp tail fuse. it just happend to be where i tapped into for the foglight mod, i got rid of the mod and replaced the fuse. 2 days later SMOKE!! from under the dash a white cloud billows out. I blew the tail fuse again, i remove the faceplate and the radio to find the culprit, it was the dimmer wire. long story short heres the damage,

the dimmer wire has shorted out to the accesory wire and to the ground in multiple spots. all of this caused by one wire..

Ps if anyone feels my pain and is local and would like to help please let me know
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Wow, you are lucky to have just burned the wire. That could have started a blazing fire. I bet there was a ton of nasty smelling smoke.
Yeah, definetly could of been alot worse!!
good news!! i fixed it! well sorta.. i for some reason still have the vsc, trac, ebrake, and abs lights on as well as an open ground somewhere between the highbeam relay and the switch. Biut No CEL codes!!! :D so anyone have a clue as to why i have this combo of lights on my dash if i dont have any codes?? And where should i look to to fix my highbeams?? anyhow thanks fo r lookin!!
Update....apperently i did not fix all of the wires and now i need a DRL module and new gauges on top of a main wiring harness and an engine bay harness, i shoulda took it to the dealer in the first place. :cry:
Also my insurance is probably gonna deny coverage even though i have full coverage. Apparently full coverage is not FULL COVERAGE... :mad:
any how i should be fine after 4kish worth of parts and labor..:td: good thing i only payed 11k for my 4runner or else i have ended up upsidedown in it...
yea the dash harness is $2,400 and the engine bay harness is $900 so after the gauges, drl module, and labor... probably might be higher than 4k..:(
(copied from my Yotatech Post..)
***update** today my truck is still siting at the dealership. i took it on March 16th. Apparently there is not a single dash harness in the US, so i am waiting for the Japan Toyota to build a harness and ship it. If what Toyota (US) told me is true (the have already bumped the date by 2 weeks) the harness should ship from Japan on the 25th of this month and should be received by the dealership on the 7th of May. The sad part is that the tech said that if he can get the harness by 11am he can have my vehicle put back together with a guarantee by 5pm the same day.. on a good note to Toyotas quality, i was unable to find a 3rd gen 4runner in a junkyard in 14 states to include Utah, Texas, Colorado, and Louisiana..
Sorry to hear that your saga continues. Did you try They have a national database of junk yards. That is crazy that they have to build it in Japan and ship it here.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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