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Front Bench Seat Conversion 2008 Crew Cab With Buckets

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I have a 2008 Toyota Tundra Crew Cab with Front Bucket Seats and a center console with the shifter in the center console.

Has anyone ever relocated the shifter to the column and put a foldable center console where the center console is?

The Quad Cabs have the center seat that I am after and I am sure that I could easily get the seat covered to match the leather that I did to it already. I am mainly just wondering how hard it is to relocate the shifter to the steering column.
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Just dropping in to wake up this thread.

I've been digging through the EPC and I think it is easier than it seems. It is so easy that Toyota doesn't even identify what shifter a truck has based on the VIN. I suspenct the idea was to let the dealers configure the front seating arrangement.

I'm pretty sure the column is the same whether it has a shifter or not. I've found a complete column in a wrecker but it is good to know that I'd be able to re-use keys, the airbag etc. from the original vehicle.

The shift cable snakes down the column, runs under the carpet and exits the body in exactly the same place as the floor shifter. From outside the truck both systems are identical.

The driver and passenger seats are identical in both versions of the truck.

The center console mounting is the same as the center seat module which has its own shuolder belt. There are no seatbelts to mount seperately.

There is an ashtray which replaces the void in the dash where the center console previously connected.

A new carpet (or some other way to cover the big hole on the transmission tunnel) is required.

I'd welcome any more feed back, especially from anyone who has actually had one of these interiors apart. I know that more than a few of these column shifters have broken over the years. Perhaps someone has swapped one and has some insight.
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Dealers have never been left to configure the seat option. Not all options are in the VIN.
I'm sure you are right. I was speculating that they may have been designed with that thought in mind.

Generally, if you have a Toyota VIN you can get the model number ie USK56L-CRTSKA that will tell you many of the most important features ( I.e cab style, engine, transmission, shifter location etc) but in the case of the Tundra, shifter location is always shown as 'floor shift' even on the regular cabs. I find that interesting.
I forgot about this thread. I ended up finding a 2008 Crewmax with the bench. Total unicorn up here. I've only seen one other like it but it saved me the hassle of converting one.
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