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Front hitch receiver placement and/or pic?

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I tried searching but the feature seems to be down....

I have a cabover camper that I put on my truck and pull a trailer behind that. I would like the ability to carry my "hitch haul" carrier (a platform that carries small things like coolers, fire wood, etc. from the hitch) in addition to this other stuff and am looking at a front hitch receiver to allow me to do so. I would also like the ability to carry a bike rack on the front of the truck when the cabover camper is on the back.

Where does the hitch receiver line up vertically on the front of the truck? I ask because I don't want it to be too low and bury the hitch haul (or bikes on the bike carrier) into the ground if I go through a dip in a dirt road. Does anybody have pics of a front hitch on the tundra?

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search..... here or google they bolt up where the tow hooks are in the front
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