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Need help on Front&Rear Diff. & Xfer Case oil change procedure and recommendations

I have a 2008 Tundra (5.7) 4x4 that I got in March 2009 with 50 miles on the odo. It sat on the dealers lot from Jan 2008 until Feb 2009. I now have 12K miles on the rig. Will be doing lots of highway driving this summer. Am thinking about changing the oil in both the front and rear differentials and the transfer case. Read all the comments about diff. drain & fill but have seen nothing on the transfer case. Am looking for help with transfer case change procedures. Would also appreciate comments on Toyota LT 75W85 GL-5 synthetic Vs. Mobil 1 LS GL-5 - 75W90 which the Mobil 1 web site says exceeds the Toyota standards.
Thanks all. I do value all the diverse experience and opinions of everyone. Jim

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Re: Front & Rear Differential & Transfer Case oil change procedure and recommendation

Super misleading title :dry3d:

I clicked in here fully expecting a written up DIY with pictures and the works!
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