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FS: ***NoWeeds 2.50" --Single No-Weld Cut-Out Kit***

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$275 + shipping

2.50" NOWEEDS SINGLE - online store
  • Here is a link to the site to compare parts. See the original price.
  • These are the best cut-outs you can buy IMO.

Original Instructions will be provided and in the meantime interested buyers/lurkers can view the Online instructions here:

I've had this for awhile and never got around to installing it.
  • Comes with everything minus 1 clamp that isn't needed IMO. <<< It just goes on the Straight through/cut-out portion.
  • A new clamp can be purchase here: 2.50" CLAMP - online store
  • ...Or possibly at your local Auto-Parts Store.
  • The original band-clamp is being used on my S&S Y-Pipe to BAMuffler setup now anyhow.

If you're interested in a turn-down you can purchase one here: 2.50" TURNDOWN - online store

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If i didn't live in California... free bump tho
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