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What's up everyone, first time posting.

So my 2013 flex fuel Tundra is having the same/similar issues many others have had in the past. When the motor is cold 1 of 2 things happen...Either it cranks for 8-10 seconds before finally starting, or it starts right away and idles very rough and at low rpms for 30 seconds or so before returning to normal idle rpm's. White smoke comes out of the exhaust for a few minutes (strong gas smell), then eventually goes away as the motor comes up to normal running temp.

Before coming across this board and reading about a lot of others having similar issues I simply started checking replacing things that I thought could have been the culprit. Battery and alternator are both tested and good, and I've put in a brand new MAF, and new spark plugs. Also tried using a couple cans of seafoam in case water had gotten into my tank.

None of this has fixed the issue.

After then reading about how frequently the fuel pump control module/ecu can go bad I looked up the part number on rock auto (and a few other sites) for my year/make/model and they all said the part number was 89571-34070. I then ordered this replacement on Ebay:


Well I got under my truck last night to replace it, and the part number on the fuel pump control module/ecu that's currently installed on my truck is 89570-34060 (example below). The one I bought on Ebay only has 1 large hook up point, whereas the one that is currently installed on my truck has 2, like the picture below. I have not been able to figure out, for the life of me, why every website says to use part number 89571-34070 when a different part number is actually installed. I'm beyond confused at this point. Is there a way to install the one I already purchased, replacing the existing one? I'm pretty sure at this point (through process of elimination) this is the culprit.

Thanks in advance for anyone's help/feedback.

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