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Gas Gauge

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My gas gauge started acting up a few month ago, can anyone help me narrow down what this could be? It works from 3/4 to full and empty to 1/2 but for some reason from 3/4 down to 1/2 it's dropping to completely empty and back up. My guess is it's a loose electrical connection but i have checked and can't find one, thoughts?

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If it works in the same areas consistantly, It is most likely the sending unit in the tank. If it is the sending unit, I doubt it will be a cheap fix. It is not too common for a sending unit to go bad on an '03, though, but your description sure makes it sound like it is.
yeah, mine started doing that about a year ago. I just learned to live with it since I figure it was the sending unit that wouldn't be cheap to fix. I use the trip meter mostly now for gas monitoring anywho.
Mine does the same thing, I pulled the tank down to try to figure it out, tested the sending unit and what not all was good.

What I did manage to do was break the filler neck above the tank which caused the dreaded "check engine light" to come on.

I brought it in and they wanted 400 to fix it, it's not that hard oa job, just a slow one so I will be doing that myself.
I had the same problem on my 87 toy truck. It was the fuel sender. The dealership mech replaced it in under an hour and I was out a meer $85.
I'll pull the tank this weekend then, I was hoping not to have to but oh well. Thanks for the help!

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