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Gasket Scraper?

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My Chilton book says to use a gasket scraper to remove the old ATV from my transmission pan. Can I use a razor blade instead? Or will I damage the metal?
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sure, a dull razor is better. almost any thin flat piece of metal with a little bit of an edge will do.

more importantly, be sure your surfaces are clean of oil residue after you remove all the bits of atv. spray some brakekleen onto a clean rag and wipe the mating surfaces thouroughly. :tu: :tu:
Careful when cleaning the surface.

I was cleaning my rear axle housing with brakekleen sprayed on a rag. I was using my index finger to clean the area around the mounting bolts and the surface, there was still some metal shavings attached to the parameter of the mounting surface. I was pressing hard on one spot and a piece of the shaving went through the rag and into my finger. Piece was about 1" long and 1/32" wide. Hurt like he!! pulling it out.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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