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First of all - this isn't a SPAM AD - it's been cleared through the TS board. :tu:

There isn't much in the way of aftermarket performance for our Gen 2s (2004+) so this is a REALLY BIG DEAL!! I know that group buys don't always work so well here, but I'm going to open this up to several forums to see if we can get a decent response collectively!

Here's the deal:

All stainless/tig welded JP Headers and Y Pipe - $1400. (plus S/H)

We need 15 to get them to make it... and I know I'd spend more than that to have something decent made custom locally, so to me, this is a worthwhile investment to gain 20+ HP!

Add your name to the list (I'll combine with other forums as we get people to commit) - and no, I'm not gonna put you down as a "Maybe" - sheeze! :rolleyes:

1. PXLpainter (Jeff - SG/TN/TS)
2. Biggi_e (Eddie - SG)
3. Down2theC (Mike - SG)
4. CAMRAZY (Milt - SG/TN)
5. MichaelsArticFrost (Michael T - SG)
6. Sebas007 (Bond; James Bond - SG)
7. Crispone (Chris - SG)
8. Zedrick1985 (Zedrick - SG)
9. Aziandanny (Danny - SG)
10. v6secamry (Tan - SG)

So far, we have 9 commitments - we only need 5 more to make this go through and have JP produce our headers!

These are quality made components - not cheap or "homemade" looking. Here's what it looks like for the Gen 1 V6:

Let me know if you're seriously interested - I'll be posting updates here so check back!

Please spread the word! :tu:

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*** UPDATE for those who might be interested:

Most of you prolly already read this at SG - but just in case, here 'goes:

Okay - here's a few photos... Clip uploaded below...

Front Header:

O2 Simulator at the bottom:

New Y Pipe & High-flow Cat (included):

So - I first got a couple revs in my garage... then I did a quick run around the harbor by my house this afternoon - just tossed the camcorder in my passenger seat but then picked it up because I was afraid it was going to go flying around a corner... so forgive the crappy visuals - it's the SOUND what the clip's all about here anyway! :D

And yeah, I know - radar detector at the end was picking up one of those damn "your speed" signs! :x

Anyway... click below to download... it's a pretty big QuickTime file (15.5MB):

Enjoy! :D
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