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Girlfriend got phone cord wrapped around steering wheel, now it makes a grinding noise

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Post sums it up, almost sounds like there's dirt or something in it. Anyone know what that could be? I haven't really looked into it. I looked between the column and the wheel, and I can see some silver metal, I'm not sure if that was there before. 馃し

Thanks everyone
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The cover should be easy to remove for a closer look. I believe that the screws are on the bottom. Was the phone cord frayed and torn up? Another injury caused by distracted driving. Chap
Update, took it on a drive yesterday, and I noticed the airbag light is permanently on, and I tired to honk and wave at someone I knew, realized the horn doesn't work. Anyone know what that could be? I'm sure the noise and the warning light are related.
If you had a damaged phone wire it may have left junk between the two contact plates. Sounds like you will have to pull the steering wheel off to determine what is messed up. Remember there is an air bag ready to slap you extremely hard if you get it upset. Research the procedure before you just go at it. Here is a You Tube Video of a similar adventure. Remember to disconnect the battery and let it sit at lease 1/2 hour before tearing into it. Toyota Steering Wheel Change. Tundra, Tacoma and more. - YouTube Good luck and stay safe. Chap
I ended up replacing the steering clock, and that solved it. The old one must have gotten smashed or thrown out of whack.
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