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HI guys, I ordered part 08586-0C880, Glass Break Sensor for the VIP alarm system in my 2005 Sequoia.
The button goes in nicely into the button blank under the coffee holder, looks and fits great. Everything was pre-wired.
The actual control module was a bit more of a pain to install, I had to remove the dash, and then the HVAC (under steering wheel vent tubes) in order to access the install area. I found the cable that plugs into the Glass Break Sensor and mounted things in. It was a tight fit with the HVAC again but worked. I tested the GBS by snapping my fingers in front of the mic and it worked well! Needless to say I was pleased.
Fast forward to today, I'm driving and I have the check engine, and VSC/Trac and VSC OFF lights on. Dammit! So, I pull the plug connecting the sensor to the harness, (left it installed tho) and all lights go off, everything back to normal. Glass break alarm no longer works. What gives? Any thoughts as to why my lights are coming on after installing the GBS would be great. Thanks!
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