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Bought my 2011 RAV4 SAP 4 speed as a lease return in mid-2011. VIN indicates it was a Japanese manufacture. Good news is that it skipped all those pesky recalls. Bad news is, it was a bummer of a RAV4.

From the start the AC was not what I thought it should be (kind of get used to vehicles like our ancient Pathfinder that the AC gave you shin cramps because it blew so cold). Toyota tested it numerous times and said it was fine. My paint started peeling in 2012, I got hit by flying tumbleweeds that put tears in the paint (none of our other cars ever get these). In 2013 the radio started going out, not temperature dependent - just when it felt like it. Toyota said not their problem of course. Last month all the backlights on the dash quit. Gauges were fine, you just couldn't see. (sure I could of checked fuses but by then I was really ticked off). My original Toyota installed battery only lasted 30 months. I hated everything about the RFT's except for the fact that I could drive on them flat if needed so I changed those out to regular all seasons and just carried a 20oz can of Slime Spair and a lucky penny. Lost count on how many times the rear view mirror fell off!!

So last week when we saw a Tundra we liked we traded in the RAV4. They only thing I will miss is the lifetime overall MPG of 25.7.

Anyone else with a 2011 RAV4 SAP have these problems? Of was mine just a bad unit?
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