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Got the new shoes

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Alright, got my BFg AT/KO 285/65/18. Man, I am loving them. I had them on my 03 and you can tell a difference.
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Do they rub at all?

How's the balancing on the freeway?

I wish i would have got those but my dad suggested not to oversize beings i will be towing a lot.
No rubbing that I have seen. The balance seems to be good on the interstate. I will find out more this week with my commute is mostly interstate driving. They had 305 in but I knew by looking at them that they would rub. They had the truck on the rack and you could tell the difference between these and the Bridgestone.

The ride is a little rougher but I do not mind. It's a 4wd truck not a Caddy.
What did you do with the stockers???:confused:
couldn't wait til they were wore down?
I have the stockers in the attic waiting on someone to buy them or I will hold on to them.

She is stock no lift. Thanks:tu:
So I ran around 70 this morning on the way to work and no shimmy or rubbing. I was surprised because they took some time balancing the tires.
If there another way to post the pics. Photobucket is not working for me. Thanks.
I would think you could go with tires quite a bit larger than 285/65/R18. The stock TRD tires are 275/65/R18. You are only adding .5" in height and .4" in width.

I would be interested to know just how bit your could go without a lift. I wonder if something like a 315/R65/R18 would fit.

If there another way to post the pics. Photobucket is not working for me. Thanks.
Seems to work fine for me.

On the photobucket page, in the lower right hand corner is a box called "IMG Code - Forums & Bulletin Boards" click in the box below it, then paste it into your post. Like this from jajah5's photobucket page.

Only problem is, I think the Mods don't like them cause they are too big. Upload them to your photo album on tundrasolutions and they give you a "medium" option.

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They look good. I have always liked those tires. Have also heard that like you mentioned, they can take some time to get them balanced.
Those are the same tires I am going to go with once my Crewmax gets here in a couple of weeks. I would also be interested if anything bigger would go on the Tundra stock. Please post up if you have any information. Your truck looks great. By the way did you go with D (8 ply) rated or E rated (10 ply)? I believe I have this right.
The guy in the bay beside me had a f150 and was going with 305 and they rubbed. I have also read that the truck will have to be leveled in order to run these.
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