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Looking for any help here.....noticed a speed dependant grinding like noise when the 4WD is activated on my '08 Sequoia 4WD. Everything works as it should just trying to address the noise before a failure.

Pulled the front drive shaft to attempt to isolate transfer case or front diffential and ran into my issue. When 4WD is activated with the front drive shift removed the vehicle acts as if the transfer case is disengaged or in Neutral. Pushing the center diff lock button, some grinding noise and the vehicle moves with the accelerator. Same results in 4Hi and 4Lo. All the proper wirr and buzzing happens and all indicator lights function properly.

Does our 4WD bias the front axle and only adds the rear drive when a computer senses slip? Or is my transfer case jacked up?

On top of all of this I still have the speed dependant grinding sound when I turn on the 4wd.

Thanks for any help you may be able to offer....

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