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I was able to negotiate a group buy from an Authorized Pioneer Internet dealer ( for the Z110BT and CDIU50V for $720 ( After a 200 dollar Mail in Rebate from Pioneer) + free shipping.
The units are brand new factory sealed units. These Units sell for somewhere between 799 to 1199 ( after rebate at Pioneer Authorized dealers).

You pay 920 dollars for the HU and the IPOD cable and get 200 dollars from Pioneer as a MIR.

A link to the unit can be found here.

Pioneer USA - AVIC-Z110BT - Flagship In-Dash Navigation AV Receiver with DVD Playback, Built-In Bluetooth, 7" WVGA Touchscreen Display

Some features

Powerful processor with video accelerator
New Customizable Shortcut Menu
Larger 7" display (WVGA high-resolution)
Motorized Display with Automatic Display Positioning (5 settings)
High-Volt Preouts x3 (4 Volt) for clean, powerful signal to optional amplifiers
7-Band Graphic Equalizer provides more precise audio tuning control
Bluetooth Audio Streaming (A2DP and AVRCP)
Navigation destination entry by Voice Control (Address Search, POI selection by category or brand name)
Background processing of Voice Recognition (VR) Cataloging
City Map display
5 Simultaneous route calculation
Road Preference routing and Intelligent Re-Route
Brand Icon POI's
Optional Mexico Map (CNSD-OMM013)
Fuel Cost Routing & Report
Dual Zone Audio/Video
Advanced A/V Codec with additional formats (WMV and H.264) for USB/SD Card playback

There is a comprehensive user support group for AVIC series at

Currently Pioneer has a 200 dollar mail in rebate on these units till the 30th of April. Pioneer will honor the MIR only if the unit is brought from a selected list of Pioneer approved authorized Internet dealers. Also Pioneer will only warranty products brought from Authorised dealers only. So Ebay and not authorized websites will not get the MIR nor will the warranty be valid.

Pioneer Electronics - Authorized Internet Dealer Verification

If you are interested then please PM me and give me your email address. If you are not interested in the IPOD cable and you need still need to buy the Z110BT and one has to buy any other item which cost $50 or more a PAC etc. There PAC SWI PS has been negotiated to cost 41 dollars.

The Double DIN kits and the wiring harness can be brought from

Metra Electronics


Scosche Industries

I would also check ebay. Generally the kits are somewhere between 20 to 30 bucks. OEM toyota kit for a RAV4 is $93. Once I get the email I will have a coupon code generated and sent across to you. Add the items in your cart checkout using paypay or credit card.
The payment is made to al eds. The item is shipped from al eds. This deal also has been verified by the forum moderators

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I have verified this offer with Al & Ed's Autosound. Their marketing manager confirmed the Group Buy pricing and gave me some specifics that I'll share with you all.

The Z110 & CDIU50V cable (or PIOUSB50V cable) is available for $920, including shipping.
The Z110BT is also available for $891, including shipping.
Both units qualify for a complete Pioneer nationwide warranty and a $200 MIR. (MIR to be completed by end-user).

Purchasing the Z110 package deal with the PIOUSB50V cable requires discount code: pio530.

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Wow, that' s a good price. Wish I could spend that money, but I just bought a house. I am sure you guys will enjoy it! I love my Pioneer HU and wish I could upgrade to a NAV.
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