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Group Buy definition: group buys allow members to pool together to purchase a product or service at a price lower than what can normally be obtained. has a policy for all group buys conducted on this site. Any site member or TS approved vendor can propose and sponsor a group buy. If a non-vendor is sponsoring the group buy, they must go through an approved vendor or distributor.

Steps to initiate a Group Buy on

1. Before any new group buy discussion or poll is started, the group buy sponsor, must contact the Group Buy Moderator for approval.

NOTE: The current Group Buy Moderator is Tundradrenalin.​
Please contact [email protected] for group buy inquiries.

2. The group buy sponsor (the person creating the Group Buy), must provide the Group Buy Moderator details on the following before approval will be granted:
  • the product,
  • vendor,
  • vendor contact,
  • minimum quantity to conduct the group buy,
  • vendor approved cost of product,
  • shipping costs,
  • vendor supplied ship time.

3. The prices, and the details of the group buy will rest with the group buy sponsor and the Group Buy Moderator.

4. We will open the group buy once approval is granted for the group buy by both the supporting vendor and

5. Participants in the group buy will be able to submit orders for a specified amount of time. The group buy announcement thread will be closed and titled "COMPLETED" when orders are no longer being accepted as part of the Group Buy.

Any thread created to initiate a group buy discussion that is not pre-approved by the Group Buy Moderator, will be removed without notice.

TS Admin Disclaimer: Cross posts of group buys from other internet forums are not allowed. Threads or posts that contain cross posts of Group Buys being conducted on forums other than will be removed without notice. Group Buys on are mutually exclusive to its members.

The TS Support Team
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