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hey guys, anyone around the area ever installed headers? I might get a set of them here soon, and i would be wondering if anyone had the knowledge to give a helping hand! If anyone might be interested in putting these on for me, i'd be glad to offer my help, lunch, dinner, and some cash on the side! If anyone knows of any good shops i could look into also that is a good help! If i can find a shop to do it for a reasonable price then i'll look into that. thanks
Make a trip to LAS VEGAS :devil: . I'd be happy to install them.:D

Seriously, don't pay more than $300 if/when you find someone to install them.

No, you dont have to lift the engine to do this job. The nuts are a 14mm semi deep socket. 22mm wrench or 02 sensor socket to get the 02's out. Mkae sure they soak everything first to help if there is any rust or corrosion.
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