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I bought a headlight from a '05-'06 Tundra....the seller said it was from a DC but it was from a AC and it was really my fault for not looking at the picture good.

Anyway before I buy another headlight.....I just need the reflector part (inside chrome piece) does anyone know if the reflectors are the same for the '05-'06 AC and DC!???

EDIT: Nevermind....I forgot the aiming screws are in different to answer my own question, no its wont work.

So up for sale is the '05-'06 AC headlight in good condition. Front ens in clear, theres no sun fading or yellowing, all tabs are in tact but the upper tab had a very small crack but I put jb weld on it so its good to go. PM me and I can ad a for sale thread. Price is $45 shipped within the Continental United States

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AC headlights reflector is a lot smaller also :)
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