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Hi folks
I am a newbie here and am saying Hi All!
We sold our toyota camper yesterday and we are looking for a new rig. I found a Trailer with a GVGR at 6600 lbs. Dry hitch weight of 420lbs. would It be a good match for a 2000 Tundra 2WD with 4.7 V-8. I do not own this truck but we are going to look at it this afternoon. The owner didd't know if it has the factory tow pkg. It does have a receiver on the back so it must have some sort of a hitch set-up on it. How can I tell if it came equiped with the factory tow pakage or was the reciever something that was added later? The truck is a Acess cab SR-5 4 dr.
Medical reasons forced us to sell our beloved Toyota motor home. It was too difficult for my wife and I to crawl up into the overhead bed. Mabey comical is a better word than difficult! So we sold the old girl. If I buy the Tundra it will be used also as my daily driver so I don't want a gas hog. I really know squat about towing other than than towing a fishing boat. Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks all
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