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Hello everyone,

My name is Ryan and I’m new here but lurked a bit and like the forum. About 2.5 years ago my wife and I bought a little old lady’s 2005 4Runner V8, and have loved every minute of owning it. We bought it in AZ, camped in it and drove it across country to our new home in Alaska. I fell in love with the 4.7 and it’s reliability even at high mileage (215k now) so when a friend up here offered to sell me his tundra with the same motor (minus VVTI) I jumped at the opportunity! Truck is a 2004 DC SR5 4WD in Salsa Red (I believe), currently at 177k miles and has a bilstein lift setup and some Taco TRD wheels wrapped in 285 Nittos. Very excited to have it as its a decently clean truck but for up here it’s very clean and relatively rust free. My only intended mods are LED Hi/Lo/Fogs and if a deal comes up a bed topper would be great for camping. I just got it this afternoon so not a lot of photos yet.

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And here is the trusty old 4Runner that got me into these things. Not as clean (darn sunfaded paint) but I try to keep up with it. Bought it stock and it’s now on a Bilstein/OME setup on 285s as well with a Doug thorley LT setup, Gibson Catback, LED lights, and AFE CAI. 215k on the ODO.

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