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Hello Everyone,

We are a new company that will be offering performance tuning options for the Tundra, Sequoia, Tacoma and other Toyota and Lexus vehicles. We have been tuning cars locally for almost ten years. We have been working on the Toyota/Lexus stuff for over two years and are finally ready to debut our products. The first item we will be offering is the nGauge tuner.

The nGauge is a powerful OBD2 programmer that can load tunes, display important engine information, and read and clear DTCs all in one thin, compact device. The nGauge was carefully designed to fit into most standard-sized gauge pods. The nGauge has a programmable shift light and can datalog many important engine parameters. The nGauge comes with a SD card that can be used to transfer tunes to the device and download data logging information.

The nGauge for the Tundra will come loaded with five different tune options. With this initial offer to the Tundra community, we are looking for early adopters who can give us feedback on the quality of our calibrations. Although we have been street testing these tunes for several months, we would like more feedback from other Tundra owners. Those of you who are selected for this initial offering, will receive an nGauge at our cost. We hope that some of you take advantage of this offer.

If you are interested in learning more about the nGauge, please see our website -

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