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Not sure if this is the right place to post this but the pressure is on to post something so here goes. ( "Hello norms96,
Our records indicate that you have never posted in our forums before! Why not make your first post today by saying hello to the other members? Start with your first post today and become an active member in the Tundra Solutions Forums.")
Just a bit about me and my new to me 1996, single cab, 4x4, 5sp, 2.7L, with Rhino liner bed,120,000 mile Tacoma. < that was a mouthful

I bought this truck after a lot of research on the reliability of these Toyota's compared to all the other makes in this size range. Gas mileage to power available was high on the decision list.
This one is in pretty good shape and was well maintained so I expect at least another 120,000 + out of it.
Spring is about here so I'm going to start by changing all fluids, cleaning up the intake, adding an oil catch can, adding a Fumoto oil drain valve, checking the plugs out and a general cleanup and tune.
My background in auto mechanics started before I was a teen which led to fast woman, cars, maybe not in that order but you get the general idea. Trained in the US Navy as a diesel mechanic (engineman). Worked as a mechanic on a lot of stuff when I got out and got tired of doing it and changed my career to Telecom. Now I only work on my own stuff but will help friends out if they are willing to get greasy too. I believe it sharing info and best method practices so I joined the forum rather than lurk.
There you have it and probably the most you will ever hear from me in one sitting.
By the way you can call me norms96.
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