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To fellow Tundra Drivers

March 31, becomes my glorious day! This is was the day I purchased my new 2007 Toyota Tundra SR5 RC 4x4 (it took about a 3 weeks for research, find, haggle, fight, and then buy). This truck is perfect for my life style and for me. I am sure that all of the others here that purchased a new Tundra feels the same. So far I have no problems other than the paint issue. Can anyone tell me why the super white paint is easily chipped? I have not been off-roading and been driving it like a baby. Only has 1200 miles on it as of-right-now. When I purchased it it only had about 40 miles. I wash the truck, keep it in a garage at night, and park far out so no one else would park next to me. My friend works at the Toyota Plant in San Antonio and told me its because Toyota uses a light enviromentally safe paint (of some sort). If this is the case then how can I prevent it from chipping further. I have purchased a hood bug/stone deflector. Any other ideas? Expensive paint job? I have many future plans with this truck. Being a EMS/Fire Fighter, I can use a Tundra plus who knows, I might save one of yall! Any suggestions?

Sorry about long write.
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