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anyone running both of these together? any problems?
I'm running just the SOS 1 1/2-inch rear shackle and the sway bar. In combination, the truck handles much, much better than stock.

I wanted to level the truck to make it more road-friendly, as I drive 100% on-road and close to 65 miles per day round trip, mostly freeway.

I did lose some payload capability with the drop, but can still handle a load of mulch without issues. When going over dips in the freeway at highway speed, it occasionally bottoms out in the rear and hits the bump stops, but only rarely.

I'm about to change the trucks shoes, cast off the sh*tty Bridgestones and upgrade to some Falken S/TZ-04s. Keeping the 17-inch tires and wheels for a more comfortable ride versus dubs..........:rolleyes:

I see you're looking at the 2/4-inch drop, so expect even less payload capacity and having to upgrade your shocks, which SOS recommends.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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