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Help 12v switched power trouble

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I was hooking up some leads to my sub's illuminated logo a few minutes ago and accidentally crossed the switched 12v wire to the ground. Small spark, ingored it.

Looked back and my head unit wouldnt turn back on... Checked all my fuses and didnt see anything (going to check agian tomorrow). Then checked the back of the head unit, its fuse was good as well. Dont really know what to do now, if i burned out the wire im going to shoot some one. I need to find a fuse diagram and locate the specif fuse to determine this. Thanks
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Its most likely a fuse. Sometimes it's hard to tell whether a fuse is bad by looking at it. You'll need to do a continuity test to be sure. It's definitely not a faulty wire because the fuse would blow before the wire fails.
Assuming i am correct, there are two fuse boxes. One in the hood and one by the drivers left knee. Ill go through them all and see if i find anything again. thanks!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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