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Re: Help-2007 Tundra has poor power, blinking engine & 4 LO light, VSC on, Accellera

I have an 2007 Tundra 5.7L V8 4WD with 300K miles. When I pushed the accelerator down, the RPMs go up but the truck only gradually increases in speed. Then I let off on the accelerator,below 2000 RPMs then the truck speeds up all while the VSC, 4Low, and skid lights, are all flashing with the engine light on. So I'm going to try to disconnect the AIP to see if this will solve the problem. I been to several mechanics and 3 dealerships and they all give me a different answer for this problem. Has anyone resolved this issue by disconnecting both AIPs?
DAMN, did I read this right you have 300,000 miles on your 07 Tundra,if so that may be a new record, hell they outa good will you for the miles alone.
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