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Help-2007 Tundra has poor power, blinking engine & 4 LO light, VSC on, Accelleration

I just had my 2007 Tundra 5.7 L 4WD Automatic with 39000 mi truck lose power while on the highway about 10 days ago after a record cold night. I was b arely able to maintain 35-40 mph even with the pedal floored...around the same time, I noticed that my engine light was flashing, my my 4 LO light was flashing too, and my VSC light was on steady. I was in 2 wheel drive at the time and I had just had my Truck serviced 3 days previously. This was a previously perfectly functioning unmodded 2007 Tundra.
I first took it to my local mechanic- after it sat over nite( this was a warmer night-in the 30's) it started up fine with no lights, but he hooked it up to the computer and it said something about possible moisture in the air intake might have frozen made it stick open-but he felt it was safe for a weekend 400 mile trip.
Well, we got to St. Louis OK, but then after 2 cold nights parked out side at the hotel parking lot...after about 2-3 minutes drivingtowards home, as soon as I tried to accellerate on the interstate onramp, it just slowed down, and just like the first time above, I was barely able to maintain 35-40 mph even with the pedal floored...and at the same time, I noticed that my engine light was flashing, my 4 LO light was flashing , and my VSC light was on steadily. I was in 2 wheel drive at the time.
I called the 800 Toyota help line as no dealers were open as it was Sunday... we were only a couple mi from the closest Toyota Dealer so I carefully drove it there. It was then that I had my first experience of the truck trying to "Speed-up by itself"(it did not feel as if the accellerator was stuck)as I was slowing down for a couple stoplights-it was nothing I was'nt able to deal with as I was ready for anything at that point(I'd gotten my recall letter a few days earlier about the accellerator issue)...anyway, we found a hotel (after waiting for a taxi for over 2 1/2 hours and stayed the night till it could be seen the next day.
The dealer was nice enough to work on it immediately the next morning when they opened. Toyota said there was some kind of issue with moisture in the air intake that may have frozen but it seemed to be ok now, they drove it for 24 miles with no further problems and felt it safe to drive home for the 200 mile trip...but felt I should check in with my dealer when I got there, and they fixed my "accellerator problem". The Truck worked fine on the 200 mile drive home.
But the next morning on my 6 mile ride in from the country to town-about 2 miles from leaving home, the exact same problems reccured. I just dropped it off at the Iowa City Toyota dealer saturday Feb 27th where I bought it and its not clear if this is related to the recall issue(probably not) and they think its possible "from the sounds of it and the Computer readouts, that it will need an entire new air intake system( possibly around 2000.00!! I've been quoted)-though they had'nt looked at it yet.
In retrospect, I realized that this had happened acouple times last winter when I went to visit my daughter and had to park outside at night on a few cold nights and the 4W drive lights came on and I had to go through all the tricks in the manual to get them to go off( I can't remember if the manual tricks worked or it got warmer or after I shut it off for awhile it got better on its own- but it only happened 2-3 times so I figured maybe the truck had just been cold since it never happened again till now...but now I see that this seems to be the same problem I'm having now. I strongly encourage anyone who gets this problem to get it checked out asap and insist on getting the intake system THOROUGHLY looked at!! I've searched and found that a few other owners have had simlar problems, could it be a temperature related issue?? It just does'nt seem right that a problem of this magnitude should be occurring so early on this looks like another glitch to me. Let me know if anyone else has had this problem...DAcat :ts:
I’m having the exact same problem and mine has 346000miles on it
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