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Please help!!!

See the attaced pic below...I need a replacement panel! No, that hole isnt supposed to be there, ha; that's why I want to replace it!

It's the lower panel, located on the driver side, behind the bumper, within the wheel fender, and I believe it's purpose, other than esthetics, is to protect the electrical components of the fog light assembly.

(If you're interested, read the story below to find out how it got there!)

So....As we were on vacation in Georgia this past weekend, I slid off the road in the snow, there was ice under it and i dont have 4-wheel drive. When I was getting pulled out, the tow strap accidentally popped loose and pulled the front bumper out a little and loosened this piece. Well, I attached the bumper back in place but I didnt know this piece was loose.

As I drove off and down the road I began to hear a loud noise coming from the driver side front of the car, so I got out to check it out, thats when I realized this piece was loose and it had been rubbing on the tire, therefore causing the hole in this panel. Most of you should know, that hole isnt supposed to be there! Therefore, thats why I am here, I dont know what this piece is called or where I can find a replacement; other than from the dealer, I know I'll spend an arm and a leg purchasing it from there!

Any help and advice you can provide would be freatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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