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Hello all,

Last week my Tundra left me stranded on my way to school. That morning the truck started just fine and I let it warm up while I went inside to get my school stuff ready. When it was time to go, I drove for less than a mile when upon trying to accelerate I noticed it wouldn't go more than 30 mph, even with the pedal all the way down.

I pulled up to a gas station. Turned it off. I went inside to grab me a monster and when trying to start the engine, it would crank but not start. Suffice to say, I had it towed back to the house so that I can start troubleshooting. I had multiple cylinder misfires according to my OBD reader. Seeing as how I needed to change the spark plugs anyway, I went ahead and did so. When changing my plugs I did notice one of the ignition coils is cracked, but I was told that I should still be alright. I could not get it started.

Suspecting it was a fuel pump issue, that evening my neighbor came by and checked out the power to the pump. The pump would not start going when I cycled my keys and there was no fuel going to the fuel line. The pump relay fuse checked out alright but we did notice that someone had previously done a Mickey Mouse job.

The fuel pump relay fuse had one of the 5 prongs broken off and there was a wire (which we found later attached itself to the fuel pump) attached to the connector and the fuse at the same time. We've been having some rain down here in L.A. so we weren't able to do much after that.

A few days later, we decided to drop the fuel tank and test the pump directly by checking continuity with a multi-meter. We discovered the pump was in good working order. But since I had previously purchased a fuel pump we decided to put the new one in anyway. Unfortunately, I did not have a fuel suction plate gasket to replace so we're leaving that for today.

After downloading a copy of my trucks electrical diagram in pdf, my neighbor (who happens to be a very knowledgable aviation/auto mechanic) suggested we check out all the wiring and even troubleshoot the ECM.

My point in all this is, do any of you have any idea as to what might be going on? I'd really appreciate your input ladies and gentlemen.

Here are my trucks details:

Car make/model: 2000 Toyota Tundra SR5
Engine: 4.7 V8
Mileage: 294,000


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